Second print run of Eastbourne heading to the shops

Image!Another 500 copies of Eastbourne: an anthology are heading out into the world, just in time for the last sales before Christmas. Expect them in Eastbourne by close of day today, and everywhere else that’s run out… by Monday.

We sold out of our first print run of 600 in under a week – and Wakefields Digital has been extraordinary in its efforts to reprint for us. Rona Gallery sold half our first print run and is hanging out for more! Here’s a picture of our book in the window of Unity in Wellington. How beautiful it looks. 

Eastbourne: the launch – 5 December 2013


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The people of Eastbourne packed out Rona Gallery on 5 December to launch our first Mākaro book  – Eastbourne : an anthology. The collection of poetry, fiction and creative memoir writing by 96 different authors was a hit with over … Continue reading

Launch day for Eastbourne: an anthology


Launch day for Eastbourne: an anthology. And here’s the start of the glorious poem that ends the book. Helen Jacobs is launching us. 6.30 pm tonight at Rona Gallery 151 Muritai Road, Eastbourne. Please join us.

Helen Jacobs


It is to the island
and the coastlands
that the shifting light
tethers on a fluid line
weaving water and sand
and rock.

The point of going away
is always to come back –
thrice deny, and you
come back

to the shells of your sandheaps,
allow that there could be
an old spirit or two
or simply an old love affair
with the harbour playing you in.