Eastbourne: an anthology

RRP: $35
isbn 978-0-473-26567-0

Paperback, A5 format. 300-page collection of poetry, fiction, memoir and essays with line drawings by local artists. Cover art by Stacey O’Neill.

Order your copies direct from Mākaro Press at special pre-launch prices: $35 for one, $65 for two, $95 for three. Email us at: makaropress@gmail.com

To be launched 5 December 2013 at Rona Gallery and Bookshop, 151 Muritai Road, Eastbourne. Time: 6.30 pm.

Eastbourne is a fresh collection of writing that has sprung from Wellington’s Eastern Bays. With work by acclaimed New Zealand authors and poets such as Denis Glover, Lloyd Jones, Steve Braunias, Kate de Goldi and Robin Hyde, the anthology also showcases young and emerging talent like Sarah Laing and Airini Beautrais.

Unlike many literary anthologies, over a third of the work is previously unpublished. Writers with a connection to the Bays have offered stories and poems, and some with no history of publication have worked with the editors to take their submissions to publication.

An extraordinary 120 authors were behind the 190 submissions and discoveries of poetry, fiction, memoir and essays the editors had to select from, with 110 pieces making the cut.

The youngest authors are seven year olds Lauren Excell and Tatum Collins, and one of the oldest, in her eighties, is former Eastbourne Mayor Elaine Jakobsson who writes as poet Helen Jacobs.

The anthology editors are Eastbourne writers and editors Mary McCallum, Anne Manchester and Maggie Rainey- Smith. They say the anthology is not a coffee table book but a collection of work that gets under the skin of life on the ‘other’ side of Wellington Harbour with 4,700 people living where bush meets the sea on a road that ends with Pencarrow lighthouse.

Mary McCallum says she is sure Eastbourne locals will be thrilled with the book which begins at Point Howard and goes all the way to the Pencarrow – every Bay with its quota of stories and poems. But she says the book has wider appeal too,

‘Everyone with an interest in New Zealand literature will enjoy this collection of superb writing joined by a theme common to so many of our communities – living on the littoral, where land meets sea.’

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